The PDF3D Suite

PDF3D brings a powerful level of 3D PDF conversion that takes the best of 3D interactive methods in reporting technology to give enhanced functionality for users who want to take 3D PDF reporting to the next level of compression, styling and animation.

PDF3D ReportGen

Our one-click end-user conversion tool continues to do the hard work in the back end so you don’t have to. ReportGen makes it easy to convert Over 70 3D file formats supported, including DWG, STEP and RCS, into rich 3D PDF documents that can be stylised to present a range of textures, colours, annotations and animated sequences that can be viewed from any angle, zoom or rotation in full, 360-degree panoramic. No technical knowledge is required. Just press convert and it’s done.


pdf3d is ReportGen on steroids, designed for the programmer who wants simple customisation and scripting options. The small but powerful toolkit allows basic-level developers to integrate 3D PDF conversion with the help of a rich XML-based API – without getting weighed down by the full sophistication of the SDK Pro. low-code toolkit brings 3D PDF processing to command-line scripting, web services and .NET component services.



We’ve invested substantial R&D into our long-established heavyweight developer toolkit. The SDK toolkit gives experienced developers thousands of permutations and hundreds of functions within its full, rich API. The powerful technology inside allows you to go far beyond simply customising our technology. It gives you a highly sophisticated set of tools that enables you to take advantage of the intuitive, intelligent system for an easier life or delve deep into the engine and manipulate our tech to suit your exact specifications.



PV+ is a combination of our most popular features from the original ParaView plugin, plus our best ideas from our recent developments in the Geospatial arena. It not only assists professionals working within earth science industries such as Oil & Gas, but also enables engineers from manufacturing, scientific research and biomedical backgrounds to do much more with their data.


PDF3D in PowerPoint

Free PDF3D PowerPoint Plugin enables you to view a 3D PDF file right inside the slide and interact with the image using the 3D rotation. No coding, scripting, or complex setup is required, and it will work with any 3D PDF, using desktop Adobe Reader and Windows MS-PowerPoint.



This ANSYS Extension Plugin Creates 3D-PDF documents directly from within ANSYS Mechanical and also standalone for other environments such as CFD-PrePost, Electronics Desktop or MAPDL. The 3D-PDF format provides 3D visualizations of analysis results WITHOUT special viewer installs and allows citable multipage reports.