With PDF3D's ReportGen tools, engineers can quickly convert data from more formats that any other conversion software. Our developers work closely with engineers from varying backgrounds and disciplines around the world to create solutions fit for purpose (rather than one size fits all) that not only improve collaboration and communication but streamline workflows, saving time and money.

Compatible with your software

In addition to supporting widely used tools such as CAD, CAM and CAE, our software and plugins are also compatible with DWG (AutoCAD), DWF, ParaView, VTK, VRML, ZGL, COMSOL, STL and many more lesser known file types not commonly catered for in other tools. Contact us for a full compatibility list.

Visualise your Data

PDF3D ReportGen is the perfect solution for visualizing engineering analysis data. From heat flow, CFD and wind friction to material properties, stress points, and speed, you can demonstrate behaviours and characteristics of designs easily with interactive 3D PDFs. Watch the video.

Feature-Rich Reports

With our easy-to-use software, you can add contour colours to surfaces, animation for moving parts, and key annotations to help others instantly understand your data. Capabilities such as full progressive sequence animation combined with full control over font styles, watermarks, colors and transparency gives users the ability to interact & present 3D in much richer and detailed ways. Discover the features of ReportGen.

Superior Compression without Sacrifice

With superior compression quality, PDF3D ReportGen and PV+ with the PDF3D ParaView Plugin are able to compress and simplify very large data (that wouldn't normally fit into PDF) into models that can be easily shared to anyone at the touch of a button. Watch the PV+ demo.